Product Reviews Spring 2019

Recently, I moved from one of the coldest cities in the United States to a much warmer, more humid city. My skin and hair have reacted accordingly. The most valuable product I have most recently tried is the Revlon One Step Styling Brush.

This brush has saved me a significant amount of time. You can watch many videos on YouTube of people with different hair types trying this styling tool. I have a lot of fine, longish hair which is easily tangled. I am also still trying to grow out a full fringe and if I do not curl or straighten my hair, it will look frizzy and my “short layers” will fall straight in my eyes. The main reason this happens is that I hate blow drying my hair. I hate sectioning-off my hair and trying to blow dry it while using a round brush in an attempt to smooth and create volume. By the time I finish the right side of my head, I have no patience to even attempt the same technique on the left side so I just flip my head over and lazily rough dry it. Now I use a heat protectant and detangler to comb out my hair, let it air dry about 50%, section it off, and then use the styler or I sleep on my damp hair and use the styler the next morning. I use the styler on the low setting only and it leaves my hair smooth and soft. It has been nice for second day hair too- the volume and smoothness stays pretty well so I just spray in some dry shampoo and use my curling iron to create loose waves.

I decided to go back to a pressed powder foundation and wanted to try out a new formula. In the past I have used the Sephora Collection 8H Mattifying Compact Foundation and the IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation. The CoverFX Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation had really good reviews from people with oily skin so I thought I would give it a try.

This gives decent light to medium coverage and last pretty well on my oily skin. I use the IT Cosmetics powder foundation brush I got from QVC when I purchased the Celebration Foundation a few years ago. It doesn’t exactly look like this brush but it is a similar shape. I have really enjoyed the powder foundation on its own but I decided recently I wanted more coverage and better under eye concealing so I started buying new concealers to wear under the powder foundation.

I have been struggling to find a concealer of the right shade recently and failed in purchasing the new ELF Camouflage Concealer in a shade that actually matched me (way too light and really, really thick) so thought I would try another stick foundation (I really like the Makeup Revolution stick foundation).

The Loreal Longwear Shaping Foundation works really well as a light base all over my face and as an under eye concealer. Then I tap in the CoverFX Pressed Mineral Power Foundation and use the Laura Mercier loose setting powder under my eyes.

I have been eyeing the NYX Tiramisu Butter Gloss for years but I just recently purchased it. It is the best pink-nude lip gloss. It looks good over Mac’s Brave satin lipstick or any other nude-mauve-pinkish lip color. I think this lip gloss has bumped the Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gel in Dusty Rose (which I have purchased at least three times) from the top spot.

The only eyeliner that stays all day (even in my waterline) is the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon. I like the matte formula in the color Earthquake and Irony.

The setting spray with the best “spray” is the Morphe Continuous Setting Mist but there is not a lot of product in the bottle. I love the versatility of Mac Fix+ and the amount of product you get. However, I do think the Morphe spray does make my makeup last longer than Mac Fix+.

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