Tips Your Group Fitness Instructor Wants You To Know

I moved to a new town four years ago and other than a couple of people, the gym is where I have met all my friends. The people I hangout with the most are people I met in a group fitness class. Talking to them and other participants I have learned a few things. While instructing classes I have also noticed a few things. Here are a few tips your group fitness instructor wants you to know.

Respect Other Participants
Chances are a regular participant has “a spot.” A new person is not going to know this so if someone gets in your spot refrain from yelling at them and find a new place to set up. But if another regular puts their equipment down in their particular spot or any spot, don’t just walk over and move it. They got their first so find a new spot.

Early Bird Gets “The Spot” And More
Everyone wants to start class on time so try to get to class a little early. If you are going to a Body Pump class, get there at least ten minutes before class begins so that you have plenty of time to set up your station. Try to get to any class that requires equipment a little early.

Remember Everyone Is Different
I know it’s tough but try not to compare yourself or compete with your fellow participants. No one is structurally the same and no one’s experience is the same. Just because that other person put five more pounds on their barbell doesn’t mean you’re ready to add weight. No one’s journey to this class is the same so if someone is getting results faster than you, do not beat yourself up or try to strain yourself to keep up. You will get there on your own time.

Check Your Form But That’s It
The mirrors are there to check your form. Checking your form is important. It can help to prevent injury and ensure results. However, admire your body on your own time. Typically no one is looking at you but if you make it obvious that you are checking yourself out, people may notice. It is especially obvious when your form is all wrong and you are smiling at yourself every time you do a rep. It is so great that you are confident and feel good in your skin but when you are obviously checking yourself out people will not only notice, they may get distracted and end up letting their form slip too.

Challenge Yourself
If you listen to your body you can ensure that you challenge yourself without hurting yourself. You have to determine if you are feeling your muscles work or if you are feeling legitimate pain. The instructor may tell you to do something but if that particular movement makes you feel like you are pulling or pinching or straining a muscle then do not do it. Remember that quality is more important than quantity so slow down and make sure you are performing the exercise correctly and without actual pain.

Talk To Your Instructor
The instructor is there to challenge you. However, if you have questions or suggestions, do not be afraid to politely ask or voice an opinion. If your instructor helped you achieve a goal, tell them. Hearing that makes instructors really happy.

Everyone Starts Somewhere
You aren’t going to like every instructor but please do not go around the gym spreading your negativity. Just because you do not like them does not mean someone else won’t. That being said, everyone has to start somewhere. New instructors are not automatically bad instructors. Only one person showed up to my very first class. She had never tried a Barre class and I was so nervous that she wasn’t going to like me. But she showed up the next week and brought a friend. The class kept growing because she kept telling everyone how much she enjoyed it. I jokingly called her my marketing manager for a while. If she had not given me a chance based on my “newness” then my class may had never grown.

Just Try It
You must get over your fear of them gym in your own way and your own time. However, if you can gather enough courage to walk into the gym, wander over to the group fitness room, and gather enough courage to walk through the door, you will probably make some friends, get motivated, and see some results. Ultimately, that fear of the gym may eventually disappear.

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