Think Dirty & Skin Care Trials


Thanks to YouTube, I found the Think Dirty app which rates the toxicity of your beauty products. When I say “rates the toxicity,” I actually mean, “freak you out.” We all know about the horrible things in our foods but you would be amazed and appalled at the amount and kinds of chemicals we are putting in our bodies on a daily basis. First of all, the beauty industry controlled like you think it is. The FDA does not approve cosmetics, it regulates cosmetic companies (Read more here: FDA Laws and Regulations). According to the last law passed in 1938, cosmetic companies “self-regulate.” (Read more here: What Do Our 1938 Cosmetic Regulations Actually Say?).

In some cases, the “natural products” I have been using are as bad as the cheap products I’ve been trying to avoid. I equated  labels like non-gmo, vegan or cruelty-free, natural, organic, etc. to the word “safe.” This is not the case based on the data many people and organizations have compiled based on their research. Walking around my expensive natural grocery store and looking at websites like Thrive, I found many items that are considered to be natural, full of chemicals linked to cancer, hormonal imbalances, and more. For more information and to be utterly freaked out, check out Beauty Counter and Campaign For Safe Cosmetics.

Speaking of, I had already purchased a few expensive and inexpensive skin care and dental items. Here are their ratings according to Think Dirty (scale 0-10, 0-2 Neutral, 3-6 Half N’ Half, 7-10 Dirty):


Burt’s Bees Deodorant

Rating: 3

Best option at my natural grocery store. Works well for every day but pretty ineffective during workouts.



Milani moisture Lock Lip Treatment iN Raspberry

Rating: 10 (Based on the other Milani products in database.)

I love this stuff and it stinks that it is full of bad stuff because it is so soothing and moisturizing.



Shea Moisture African Black Soap Facial Wipes

Rating: 2 (Based on facial bar soap.)

These are not super wet, but one wipe removed a full face of makeup. Waiting to see if this breaks out my super acne prone, sensitive skin.



Pixi Glow Tonic Toner

Rating: 5 or 8 (Two different listings exist for the same product.)

Pretty expensive to be a drugstore item. The smell is awful. I am debating if my skin is looking better after using this for a couple of weeks. I will not be repurchasing based on the toxicity levels.



Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Cleansing Gel

Rating: Not listed in database but based on other cleansers in the the line, probably at least an 8.

Really expensive and I do not think this is really helping prevent breakouts.


Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint All-One Toothpaste

Rating: 3

No fluoride, and my teeth just don’t feel a squeaky clean after brushing versus Crest.


Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree SOap

Rating: 0

Really liking this soap. I only use it as body wash but you can use it for shampoo, cleaning products, all kinds of uses.



Pixi Makeup Melting Face Cloths

Rating: Probably at least a 7 based on other products.

They have a strong but nice smell, however, I am not a fan of the texture and I went through the pack very quickly because I had to use more than one at a time. I used one in the morning, and two at night (75 cents a day).

Image Copyright © Think Dirty

Featured Photo Credit: Copyright © Today Show






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