Samples That Didn’t Disappoint

Every once in a while, Sephora has some really great samples and Beauty Insider rewards. On rare occasions, I have purchased the travel sized products that Sephora and Ulta offer in order to try something without spending a ton of money on the full size (although the travel sized products do not offer the best value per ounce in most cases). Here are a few makeup products that I have either bought in travel size or received as samples that did not disappoint.

Roller Lash


This is the only mascara that I want for my lashes ( I use Maybelline Lash Discovery for my lower lashes). I curl my lashes, apply this, allow to dry, and curl again. This mascara holds the curl and does not get clumpy. I love this stuff.



This blush is so pretty, if you like a little shimmer on your checks. This is a great spring and summer color. It is a peachy pink with gold shimmer that looks nice on my pale skin and on my skin when I have a little color.



My friend Carolyn got a sample of this foundation from a magazine and gave it to me to try. This is the best light-weight fluid foundation I have used. Now, after years of using liquid foundations, I went to BB Creams, then to powder foundations. Unless my skin decides to break out, I prefer a light to medium coverage. I cannot stand the feeling of foundation on my skin. I of course used a little powder to set it because I have the oiliness of a 13 year old. It stayed on my skin pretty well. I have only used this in the winter, however, I am so oily that I am pretty confident that it would stay put on anyone with normal to combination skin (combo skin would probably need a little setting powder in the t-zone). Dry skinned people might want a little moisturizer pre application, but I don’t think they will experience dryness with this foundation.


brush cleaner

SEPHORA COLLECTION Master Cleanse: Daily Brush Cleaner

I bought the 2 ounce bottle to try and I really like the idea behind this product. You will still need to deep clean your brushes every once in a while but this is great to maintain your clean brushes by just spraying a little on the brush and dabbing off the makeup.




A sheer pink with gold shimmer, everyone has heard of Nars Orgasm blush. I am still in the process of experimenting with the Multiple, but I am liking the flush of color I get when I use it as a blush. Personally, I don’t care for it as a lipstick- though it is very moisturizing and feels nice on the lips, it is way too frosty a color. I am interested in how it would look as an eyeshadow, I’ll have to let you know.



I love Urban Decay, which I am sure you figured out if you have ever looked at my past posts. The Primer Potion is a great product and I especially liked the color Eden. It is a creamy, nude matte primer that gives you vibrant, crease-free eye shadow. I have never worn makeup for 24 hours so I cannot back up that claim but this stuff is worth the money and last for a long time.




Ok, for every day use, these are expensive, but for traveling, they are wonderful. Individually wrapped wipes with a non-alcoholic formula cleanse brushes and your beauty blender (only if your beauty blender isn’t soaked in product). These wipes don’t leave any weird residue which is also really nice.



Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer

This is the first Bobbi Brown product I have ever tried because let’s be honest, Bobbi Brown is really expensive and I don’t like paying that much for makeup. However, I will be buying the full size concealer because this stuff actually conceals. It is creamy without being too thick. It isn’t drying and most importantly, it provides substantial coverage. I use it under my eyes (in addition to my brightening under eye concealer), on acne spots, everywhere on my face that needs concealing. It is worth the money.



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