Hard Water

Hard water is the devil. My hair looks so gross since moving to this city with hard well-water. I have oily hair so if I want to wear my hair down, I have to wash it every day. Even when washing every day my hair feels gross and my scalp feels bumpy and gunky. Now, I can’t even wear my hair in a ponytail on day two because it is so flat to my head. Dry shampoo does nothing for me. However, I have been using a few products that have cut down on the amount of buildup and has helped give me volume. I am definitely seeing a difference in my hair and scalp.



This is the Kendra Clarifying Shampoo which removes dulling deposits and specifically mentions hard water buildup. It doesn’t smell wonderful but it does make your hair feel clean. This is meant to be used once a week because it can dull your colored or highlighted hair. I don’t color my hair so I use about twice a week.



This is the Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Two that my sister-in-law recommended. It is intended to be used daily and smells like lemons. It makes your hair feel clean. It is for deep cleansing for oily hair.



I tried new conditioners and keep coming back to this one (or the Moisturizing one). The Herbal Essences Naked line is pretty good. It smells good, it doesn’t make my hair gunky, rinses clean, and it is really inexpensive. I use my shower comb after applying conditioner and then rinse. I have been keeping a gallon jug of distilled water in my shower so after using the products above right before I get out, I rinse my hair again with the distilled water.



I use a shower comb in the shower after I apply conditioner and then I have been using this Sephora Detangling Hairbrush before applying any hair products before styling. It has helped with blowing drying, styling, and evenly distributing product. This has been my routine for about a month and I am already seeing a difference in my hair.


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