I have talked a lot about bb creams, experimenting with tinted moisturizers and different foundations. A few years ago I tried a couple Asian bb creams and since then I can’t even imagine using any kind of foundation, mostly because during the beginning of my bb cream experiment I would switch back and forth from bb cream to foundation and quickly discovered how cakey and suffocated foundation feels when I put it on my skin. However, for a while I really needed coverage because my skin was really breaking out and though the Asian bb creams I used provided some coverage (the main goal of Asian bb creams is to provide beauty benefits like skin whitening and SPF, not coverage) sometimes they just weren’t enough. Since then I haven’t required as much coverage so I wanted to try other products. What I wanted to know is if these different kind of products worked similarly and which would work best for my skin, my desired coverage, and interacting with the other products I used daily (buffing on concealers with a foundation brush and a stippling brush, blush, highlight, etc).


This tinted moisturizer is just what it says, it is a moisturizer with a slight tint. With a loose powder it provides decent coverage but it is not going to cover acne that well, it just kind of evens out your skin tone which is the whole point, a “natural feeling face.” I wanted to see if this product would give me enough coverage though so I could experience the “natural feeling face.” However, the color I got was a little too dark so if you want to try out this brand, which I recommend because it was only $3, you may want to go a shade lighter than you may think you need and just use a loose powder that matches your skin tone. I have oily skin but now living in a very cold climate during the winter my skin does get dry in spots. I also would say that I have sensitive skin and this product did not break me out. It is not runny, but it is not thick and once applied it feels smooth on your skin. As far as working with the other products I put on my skin like blush and some concealer, it seemed to do fine but trying to all out contour seemed to contradict the whole idea of wanting that “natural feeling face” that a tinted moisturizer is for.  As far as feeling comfortable enough to wear only this out, it could be a good alternative to a “no makeup face” but definitely not enough to replace my “natural, but made up face.”

bb cream

My first Western bb cream. I use both the oily/combination skin version in light/medium and the normal skin version in fair/light. I mix them together because one is too dark and one is too light. The oily/combination version is very runny and the normal version is creamy and thicker. Together they provide excellent coverage. Though these bb creams say they provide some beauty benefits, the main objective is to provide a light to medium foundation like coverage without the foundation feel. I read many mixed reviews about this bb cream, especially about the fragrance of the normal version. But the fragrance doesn’t bother me and I am really happy with the coverage and finish. Application is easy, I just dab some on my finger tips and rub it on to my skin starting from my forehead, down the sides of my face, to my nose, above my mouth and to my chin. However, it is not very buildable. One layer is about all you get without it becoming cakey and almost rubbing back off of your skin. When using my concealers to highlight and contour the bb cream gets a little cakey and irritated. Like I said it isn’t a foundation. But with just a loose powder, it works just fine.


This was one of my first Asian bb creams and I have repurchased it twice. I love this stuff. It feels great on, it doesn’t have a fragrance, and with the right application it does give me some coverage. Applying this bb cream is different than the Western version above. You kind of pat this on using your fingers starting from the forehead, down the sides of the face, to the nose, above the mouth and to the chin. For more coverage to you pat a little more with your fingers over the spot. Then you let it sit on your face to oxidize and then you can either put on foundation or just loose powder. When my face is close to “perfect” with no breakout or redness (which is rare) I like to use this because it evens out my skin but looks and feels very clean and natural.


This is another Skin 79 bb cream that I ordered along with the one above because I wasn’t sure of the color would be too grey on either one or the consistency would be too thick. This is made for teenagers with oily, acne prone skin. It is very similar in color and texture to the one above but this one is a little runnier and doesn’t provide the same amount of coverage. Between the two, I would go with the Super Perfection above. You can purchase both of these bb creams here at Pretty and Cute.

As for loose powders that work well with all of the products mentioned above, here are some inexpensive suggestions:

NYX Mineral Finishing Powder

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder Translucent

N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder Translucent

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