Summer Plans and Projects


I finally get to spend more time using Rosetta Stone to learn Japanese. I starting reading my books last summer and then I got Rosetta Stone for Christmas and started using it immediately but school and work got hectic and I had less time to use it.


I have to lose ten pounds. I have been doing P90x and plan on purchasing 10 Minute Trainer to switch up my workouts.


I have had this book for over a year. I am determined to read it this summer.


I love all things mint. I love mint tea. I love mint green tea. I love mojitos. But I have never had a Mint Julep. My husband is from Kentucky, I don’t know how I have never had one. But I am going to try this recipe from Oh So Beautiful Paper.


Speaking of losing ten pounds (haha) I have been dying to try this recipe for Cauliflower Crust Pizza. It looks so good!


This Candy Sushi looks so cute and its made from candy that I love. This would be so cute for a party.

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